Youth 18 up till 30 years


We want to make it possible for all young people (18-30 year) to participate in the conference and play an active role in it.

That is why we have TWO  special Conference OFFERS for young people.

  1. PARKS - bring a Youth!

 This offers a 50% discount on the registration fee making it so much easier for Parks and organisations to support a young person to attend!
Even better - If we receive the registration of a youth by a park before 15 June, an additional 20% will be deducted (early bird fee). Don’t worry though- Registration using the youth fee are still available after this date. Just without the additional discount!

Travel and Accommodation are not included.

  1. Youth with a Mission

EUROPARC with the generous support of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung are able to offer a limited amount of FREE places, should your Park or organisation not be able to pay the youth fee. To apply for this additional support, we need to receive your motivation form, to better understand why you would like to attend the Conference and to show your connection to a Park or Protected Area. Click here for the motivation form. We will contact you if your application was successful and only then can you fully register for the conference.

Please apply by July 20th . After which a selection will be made and you will be notified if you have secured the free place. After which time you can register for the conference.

Please note the FREE place will cover the registration fee and accommodation. Travel is NOT included in this offer

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