EUROPARC Conference 2023

We, the organisation EUROPARC Conference 2023, representing the Dutch National Parks, and the EUROPARC Federation, cordially invite you to join us in Leeuwarden on the 3-6 October for the EUROPARC Conference!

This conference is organised with the support of numerous partners, volunteers and professionals. Together, we have created an interactive program that facilitates knowledge exchange and networking.

It promises to be a special face-to-face conference. With the overarching theme "Tribute to our landscape, where nature and people meet in harmony", we will celebrate the beauty and diversity of the many natural and cultural European landscapes. These places are amongst the most valuable cultural treasures of European society. In them, nature and people meet and interact, in the past, present and future.

This Conference is particularly special, as we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EUROPARC Federation. Together, we will “learn from the past, to prepare for the future". Therefore, we especially invite young people to join, to help us create our green tomorrow.

Whilst there will be an innovative online Conference in 2024, the next face to face EUROPARC Conference is not scheduled until 2025. All the more reason to take this opportunity to come together as a network, to shape a future in harmony with nature!

We look forward to welcoming you in Leeuwarden.

Kind regards,


Hendrik R. Oosterveld

President Foundation Organisation EUROPARC Conference 2023

Click here for the personal invitation to the EUROPARC Conference 2023 in the Netherlands

Our mission:

The EUROPARC Conference is THE event of the year for nature professionals and other stakeholders in the field of protected natural areas and landscapes, Natura 2000, National Parks and Periurban Parks. By bringing together experts, in the field of nature conservation, the Conference aims to help create a better, greener, sustainable and climate-resilient Europe.

Why do we need to act?

It is more challenging than ever to respect our landscapes and create the conditions to ensure that nature and humans interact in harmony. This is especially true in light of the major changes our society is facing, such as transitions as around climate change, water quality and quantity, and biodiversity loss, etc. The UN Sustainable Development Goals also provide us with important guidance. Fulfilling these goals brings with it a special responsibility both personally and in our work on managing National Parks/protected areas, Periurban Parks and their surrounding landscapes.

Man has influenced the European landscape for centuries. This has led to iconic landscapes, but also to a disruption of the harmony between man and nature. This EUROPARC Conference aims to help participants understand how to connect nature and humans to find long-term harmony.

We invite participants to learn with each other from our 50-year experience. What have we done and what can we do to be better prepared for the future? All this, will help us learn from the past and prepare for the future.

Our  young people  deserve a special place in setting the agenda for the future. Their ideas and proposals will play an important role at this Conference: because shaping our future is a shared responsibility. They will be an integral part of the Conference and will have their own 'special moments'. These will be prepared by our Youth Core Team.

The Conference will be interactive, relevant and practical. A legacy for the agenda of the future. 

With the Conference programme, we aim to create an atmosphere that promotes networking and personal connection. The Conference will combine the best of the EUROPARC network: exchange of information (knowledge, experiences, ideas, opinions and thoughts), inspiration, discussion and gaining new experiences.

Our aim is for all participants to go home feeling inspired and well-informed.

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