NP Drents-Friese Wold
NP Duinen van Texel
Hollandse Duinen
NP De Maasduinen
NP De Meinweg
NP Weerribben-Wieden
NP Zuid Kennemerland
NP De Hoge Veluwe
NP Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heide
NP Oosterschelde
NP Schiermonnikoog
NP Lauwersmeer
NP Nieuw Land
NP De Loonse en Drunense Duinen
NP Dwingelderveld
NP Sallandse Heuvelrug
NP Utrechtse Heuvelrug
NP Veluwezoom
NP Drentsche Aa
NL Delta Biesbosch-Haringvliet
NP De Alde Feanen
NP De Groote Peel

THEME: Tribute to our Landscape | where nature and people meet in harmony, in perspective of 50 years of EUROPARC Federation.

Many areas in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, are man-made or places where humans have (had) an important influence on the way in which nature and biodiversity are protected, managed, experienced and used.

Landscape is about the interactions between earth, nature and man and also the connections between past, present and future.

Within our theme, ‘Tribute to our landscape, where nature and people meet in harmony’, we respond to important current developments in health, climate, sustainable economy and what major transitions await us in the future.

The celebration of 50 years of EUROPARC Federation will form an important element in the programme. Our 50 years of experience in handling issues and finding solutions can be of great value, if we are capable of linking them to the challenges of tomorrow.

This is why we would like to invite all participants to learn from what we have done so far, to be better prepared for the future: learning from the past, preparing for the future.

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