Welcome to Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden will host the EUROPARC Conference 2023.

Leeuwarden is the capital of the province Friesland. It is a dynamic, vibrant city and Friesland’s economic driver. Located in a green, water-rich environment with lakes and recreational areas in close proximity. The capital is a true royal court city with a beautiful, historic centre, a treasure of national monuments, surprising shops and cosy outdoor cafés. At the same time, the town is home to ultra-modern facilities for its inhabitants, students and entrepreneurs.

Leeuwarden has an eye fixed on the future. The city consistently pursues priorities of sustainability, knowledge, water and culture, while investing in the quality of housing for young and old. This makes Leeuwarden a city throbbing with vitality, which was enthousiastically exhibited when being the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

Congress City Leeuwarden
Leeuwarden is an attractive city, for cultural tourists and business travellers alike. The congress and incentive opportunities are impressive and surprising. Aside from Groningen, Leeuwarden is the largest city in the Northern Netherlands, home to over 96,000 inhabitants. The level of amenities is of a high quality, differentiated and comparable with substantially larger cities. The inner city is compact and orderly, which is one of the most attractive aspects of Leeuwarden. Most conference accommodations, night life and many hotels are within a walking distance radius of two kilometres.

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